The Herbal Gardens

Ms. Dian Galloway has been established since 1985. Ms. Galloway is the CEO of The Herbal Gardens and has been featured in several newspapers such as the Miami Herald and SunSentinal. She has also hosted several radio shows in Trinidad & Tobago and the United States for the past thirty years. Ms. Galloway is an Herbal Nutritionist and has been acknowledged as the first African-American women to originate an herbal store in South Florida. Diane Galloway was born in Trinidad and Tobago.

Before she had established The Herbal Gardens, she was in the banking industry for twenty years. The Herbal Gardens is an herbal health food store which continues to endorse their reputation for, being an international health food store and serving the Caribbean/American community. Herbal Gardens carry and extensive variety of herbs, spices and natural products from around the world. Ms. Galloway customizes a unique blend of herbs to suit your every need.

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