Former South Florida residents launch revolutionary health-care app at Fort Lauderdale’s Pri-Med Conference.

By: Makeeba Fraser

Contributing Reporter 

Former Miami and West Palm Beach residents, Jamie and Jilea Hemmings return to South Florida to feature their revolutionary new app at this week’s Pri-Med South Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The conference, which attracts over 20,000 clinicians nationwide, begins its annual itinerary today at the Broward County Convention Center, offering the perfect introduction to the couples app.

The Best Tyme app which launched on February 1, is a game changer when it comes to concise and convenient interactions between medical professionals and pharmaceutical sales representatives, offering high quality and advanced communication between the two disciplines.

The Hemmings, who are not new to the world of successful entrepreneurial ventures, relocated from South Florida a year ago, and are already making moves in the tech industry.

A leap from their previously successful Whole Foods line, Greenie Tots, a healthy take on pre-packaged frozen meals offering vegan and vegetarian options for kids, the couple is excited to be featuring the app at today’s conference.

“We are thrilled to launch Best Tyme app to the market,” says Jilea Hemmings Best Tyme’s CEO and Co-founder. “Our February 1 launch revolutionized how doctors and medical sales representatives schedule appointments and at the same time, shows the potential of black innovators in the [health tech]  space.”

After being featured as semi-finalists on ABC’s ever-popular Shark Tank in 2013 and writing the book “The Untold Truth About Building a Startup: 17 lessons Every Entrepreneur needs to know.” The now Chicago based couple created the app to maximize the efficiency of the healthcare industry.

“As a former rep, I understand the frustrations personally. We interviewed medical sales reps and physicians about what is important to them. The physician needs efficiency in their office and do not want office staff or themselves dealing with medical sales reps at the wrong time. On the flip side, medical sales reps want more face time with physicians, and they want to be more productive in the field.”

The serial entrepreneurs teamed up with Dr. Anisio Figueiredo Filho, a plastic surgeon and Alexandra Figueiredo a practice administrator,  combining over 45 years of experience to create the app.

The result of their combined efforts ensures others in the profession stay abreast of pharmaceutical advances,” without losing critical efficiency in task-switching from patient care to scheduling.” Alexandra says.

“Best Tyme has saved our practice [many]  hours a week in scheduling rep visits. While we love interacting and learning from sales representatives before Best Tyme, the planning took far to long.” Alexandra added.

According to data received after beta testing the app, the Hemmings’ say using the Best Tyme app to schedule appointments, can reduce clinic administrative staff time by up to 10 hours per week. “Best Tyme improves operational efficiency ten-fold,” says Jamie Hemmings.

“In less than 30 minutes, I scheduled five new appointments. The best part: I didn’t even make one call!” touts a Fort Lauderdale sales rep.

The app which is currently available on iPad iOS, Android and the web (, allows medical professionals to set preferences and schedules, organizing when and how they meet sales reps. Doctors can also set dietary preferences for themselves and their staff, as well as manage the interface among multiple office locations.

For the pharmaceutical rep, the app features the ability to structure one’s day by organizing appointments according to specific zip-codes, generating a full day schedule. Reps can also create a product profile allowing medical professionals the opportunity at first-hand research of their products, ordering lunch for meetings, and even utilizing the app’s GPS routing function all through a user-friendly automatic calendar interface.

The Best Tyme app lends the answer to professionals evaluating and staying informed about pharmaceutical products while managing and maximizing time all with the touch of a button.