Justin The GR8

Music artist and songwriter, Justin Antoine Hamilton,  was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL on December 8, 1996 . Justin grew up singing in his church choir, as well as acting in multiple plays. As a child, he was very passionate about performing and at age 12 appeared as an actor on television’s hit series “America’s Most Wanted”. It wasn’t until age 14, while receiving voice lessons, that Justin’s eyes were opened to his talent in music. His voice coach, Wanda Walden, had experience as a singer herself and also with various notable artists, and therefore her positive feedback was invaluable to him. Justin’s passion for music and performing became even more fueled after a close friend encouraged him to sing in their high school showcase. At this showcase Justin performed the 90s single “If I ever fall in love” by the group Shai. The incredible reaction he received after his performance is what greatly motivated Justin to then dedicate his life to building a successful music career.

However, Justin’s road to his success was not always a smooth one. Justin grew up in a very traditional academically oriented caribbean family where “practical” career goals were the heavily emphasized status quo. Therefore he knew going against the grain would cause problems and consequences toward his goal. Justin struggled financially to support his dream which made him push even harder for his breakthrough. Through his mother, who saw has determination, he was introduced to executive music producer John Hitta. John recognized his talent and signed Justin to Record 33, after observing Justin’s audition of his single, “One Night”. Finally, after gaining the support needed, Justin was able to get to where he is today. Some of Justin’s musical influences include old school 80’s and 90’s R&B, Michael Jackson,  Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Usher, and Justin Bieber.