THE LAW AND YOUR CHILD – Invite: 2/20, Tues. Night, 7pm, Plantation High

Invite: 2/20, Tues. Night, 7pm, Plantation High – THE LAW AND YOUR CHILD (What You Should Know & What You Can Do about It)
FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (– You are free to forward and include your pastors, rabbis, community stakeholders, grandparents, local business owners, scout troop leaders, friends, families and caregivers, etc.)

General Meeting

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Plantation High School

6901 NW 16th Street, Plantation, FL 33313

(Off of Sunrise Blvd., east of University Blvd.)

Main Topic Discussed:  
Florida Legislative Update — What You Should Know & What You Can Do about It — How the Law is Affecting Your Education Dollars  
* This is YOUR NIGHT to find out — from the experts — how the latest legislative issues are affecting you and your child(ren).
* Get a progress report on Broward County School District’s 2018 legislative priorities (- excerpts below).
* You will also be encouraged to ASK QUESTIONS and VOICE YOUR OPINIONS on what’s happening with school funding.
* You will be empowered and equipped with tools to TAKE ACTION.
* You will also get the latest information on services for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages).
* Special guests will provide ideas on grant funding sources / support.

Broward County Public Schools

2018 State Legislative Priorities

As the 6th largest school district in the Nation, Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) educates 10 percent of Florida’s student population. The Florida Legislature should boost funding and adopt policies that educate today’s students to succeed in tomorrow’s world. BCPS will advocate for legislation consistent with School Board policy.

School Board Authority

·  ·  Preserve school board constitutional and home rule authority and oppose legislation that would subvert, bypass or undermine that authority.

·  ·  Specify that school boards have the same constitutional authority over approval and oversight of charter schools as district schools within their county lines.

·  ·  Restore local school boards’ authority to levy allowable discretionary capital outlay millage by .25 mills over a two (2) year period until full restoration of 2 mills for capital outlay needs.

·  ·  Include personal financial enrichment language for charter schools managed by for-profit entities who receive capital dollars for maintenance and construction in order to safeguard taxpayer dollars.


·  ·  Support an increase in per-pupil funding through the Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP), allowing Florida school districts to be competitive nationwide. Currently, the national average is approximately $11,000, while in Florida the average is only $7,296.

·  ·  … Support professional development, area certification (including ESOL, CTE, ESE, etc.), and financial incentives for teachers.

·  ·  Maintain the Required Local Effort rate to allow for growth to pay for FEFP enhancements such as Base Student Allocation, Safe Schools Allocation, and supplemental services….

·  ·  Continue $800,000 in funding for the BCPS Adults with Disability (AWD) program.

·  ·  Support funding for full-day Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) programs for all eligible students.

·  ·  Allow Title I funding to be used for district-wide initiatives.

·  ·  Expand funding for student health services.

·  ·  Oppose any redirection of tax-payer funding to voucher programs.

·  ·  Restore funding to cover the costs associated with the Dual Enrollment program.

·  ·  The Legislature should continue to fund the Matching Fund program for BCPS students.

·  ·  Restore funding to the FLDOE for school district workforce education programs for postsecondary students who earned specific industry certifications.

·  ·  Increase funding for the Technical College System to meet the FLDOE recommendation of 100% equity as specified in the State Funding Model. In Broward, this is estimated to be $5 million in 2017-2018.

·  ·  Provide $3 million for the Florida Apprenticeship Grant Program to provide funding to develop/expand new apprenticeship programs statewide.


·  ·  Require the State Board of Education and Commissioner to conduct a concordance of national assessments for all grade levels including, but not limited to, SAT and ACT, of Florida’s standards that districts may use in lieu of FSA.

·  ·  Florida should not exceed the accountability requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Florida should use the new flexibility under ESSA to make the accountability system more equitable for all students and teachers.

·  ·  The Legislature should not require high-stakes statewide assessments for graduation or promotion.

It’s time to speak up for our children and grandchildren!