Valerie L. Brown


Valerie L. Brown, MSc, CHC, CCEP, CLC

Valerie L Brown was raised in a two parent Christian home and was taught to have great core values and a belief in God. Having a wholesome background and belief in God did not however, eliminate her from the plague that many women face today, domestic violence. Although she never witnessed any form of abuse in her home growing up, she experienced domestic violence in two previous relationships she was involved in.

Forming Lady Be Free Resource Center for Women has empowered Valerie to finally break her silence. She kept her abuse a secret because she was ashamed and was fearful of the outcome.

She has birthed this organization through her very own experiences that she believes will help those that are in the shoes she once wore. Through the very grace of God, Valerie has certainly come a long way and realizes her worth now better than ever before.

When asked what made her break her silence and come forth to tell her story, she exclaimed,

I am no longer a victim, I am a survivor. A victim holds on to the hurt, is ashamed and sometimes seeks revenge. Now as a survivor, I am able to thank God for the experiences, pray for the individuals that caused me harm and reach back to help others become survivors too. My greatest purpose in life that I have been chosen for – is to reach victims who will become survivors through my program.”

Valerie recently debuted her first book, Reflection of a Survivor (available for purchase on & ,which addresses her very own encounters with domestic violence which caused low self- esteem, loss of children which created unworthiness. In this book, Valerie literally details how she almost lost her life on several occasions. In spite of, Valerie conquered it all which has established her purpose and formulated her victory.

Valerie received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s of Science degree in Transformative Leadership. Valerie is a Certified Life Coach (CLC), Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) and is a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP). Having over fifteen years of experience in Healthcare Administration, Valerie is currently employed by a healthcare management services organization where she serves as the Director of Compliance for one of the nation’s leading Ob/Gyn physician groups with practice locations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia and Washington.

She is a survivor, she is free and she is no longer silent. Coupled with her experiences, background, education and her will to survive, will not only enable this organization to thrive, but allow other survivors to thrive as well.